Friday, January 4, 2013

My Daughters

Just a break from music and the clarinet to write about what really matters: our loved ones. Here's a photo of my our children, Billie and Ella. We adopted them from the Jackson County Animal Shelter in 2007, and they have been part of many of our happiest moments since then.

Like many places in this country, our county operates a shelter that has to euthanize hundreds of animals per year, many of whom are adoptable. It isn't the fault of the people who work at shelters, and I encourage anybody who's thinking of adopting a dog or cat to visit their local shelter or pet rescue organization.

As part of our annual charitable donations, my husband and I always send money to our local county animal shelter and our feline sanctuary, Catman 2. If you love animals, please don't turn a blind eye to pet overpopulation problems. Click here for more info from the Humane Society.

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